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Well, I've done the hard work for you, and ranked my favorite flavors. Thirdly, it is gluten-free, and non-GMO certified. Spindrift prides itself on using traceable ingredients such as real squeezed fruit and sparkling water to create their delicious beverages. Just simple produce sourced from the farms across the United States and abroad. Spindrift uses fresh-squeezed fruit—pulp and all, so don't be alarmed if yours comes with floaty bits—mixed with triple-filtered carbonated water and cane sugar. Get your daily life hack right in your inbox. However, this drink also contains a little bit of citric acid to give it a punch. The drink is made with ripe yellow lemons that are grown in farms of California. It’s made with carbonated water, citric acid, and fresh pineapple juice squeezed from the pineapples that are grown in Costa Rica. The Drifter Pack includes all 11 flavors plus an extra Pineapple can for a total of 12 cans. Grapefruit has a distinct flavor that’s sour and borderline bitter. (We've also noticed almost every Drifter ranks 'em differently!) The tart flavor, can, however, according to some reviewers, be a little overpowering. It’s not overpowering though, it’s almost like a small squeeze of the fruit has been added to bubbly water. Now that you want to try Spindrift, you might be wondering where to start. But plain water can get a little boring, and three liters of it a day can seem like a task. I would like to disclose that all opinions are my own, with absolutely no scientific testing to support my findings. Everyone From My Mom to My Doctor Compliments Me When I Wear This Mascara, 25 Last-Minute Fitness Gifts That All Cost Less Than $100, This Dreamy Nap Dress Has Inspired Me to Ditch My Favorite Pajamas, This BareMinerals Tinted Moisturizer Took Away My White Cast and Added Glow. At my house, we buy in bulk; I'm talking 100 cans at a time because yes, it's that good. But bear in mind that the citric flavor does not in any way compromise the cucumber taste. By signing up, I agree to the Terms & to receive emails from POPSUGAR. It also contains a few squeezes of lemon, which gives it the necessary tartness and lifts the flavor up a notch. With minimum calories in each can, you don’t have to feel guilty about reaching into your fridge for just one more. Why is the color so important? Sparkling water contains bubbles that naturally occur due to the minerals that were in the water when it was sourced. Each pack contains 5 cans of each flavor. First and foremost, it is a tasty beverage with minimum calories. Spindrift doesn’t make true seltzer with real artificial flavors. The Best Spindrift Flavors, Ranked I Drink a Spindrift Every Day, and Here's How I'd Rank the Flavors As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and … This can of sparkling water has only the slightest hint of pineapple. The subtle cheerful color makes it a great addition to cocktails. This product is made with blackberries sourced from the Pacific Northwest. The Best Spindrift Flavors, Ranked | POPSUGAR Food Spindrift Raspberry Lime Seltzer, 8pk. Here, the berries are plucked at the peak of their season. Or pour it in a glass, and you could mistake it for a glass of Rosé wine. The flavors are oddly overpowering for some versions and nonexistent in others. What this means is that all the fruit that’s used is organic, and not genetically engineered. When she is not creating written content, she is either doodling, reading an intense drama, or nursing her indoor plants. If you are someone who likes their glass of sparkling water with several slices of lemon, look no more, this is the beverage that will save you time and exceed your expectations. Here’s a good news for weight watchers: this drink has just two calories, making it the lowest-calorie drink among those that we have reviewed. By the way, there is a big difference between soda and sparkling water (Soda includes the addition of potassium bicarbonate or potassium sulfate in water to make it bubbly, while sparkling water is naturally bubbly). Keep on reading, and then order some Spindrift for yourself. Thankfully, there is Spindrift Sparkling Water. Many reviewers mention that this product is hard to find in stores, so if you have a bad yearning for it, your best bet is to order it online when available. We love a flavor ranking! Next time someone tells you to drink three liters of water, it won’t be that big a task if you have these cans stocked. Who doesn’t love a classic lemonade? Spindrift is a soda and seltzer company that was founded in 2010 by Bill Creelman. It has a reddish-purple color, and tastes sweet and tart like a juicy succulent blackberry. There's a lot of sparkling water hitting the market but Spindrift is the only one made with real fruit juice! Make this your main ingredient. But you have to taste it to know how authentic it tastes. Since there’s 4 different flavors, you’ll have one for every occasion and person who comes your way. 3 days ago, by Monica Sisavat Following years of fans asking for Pineapple through comments, messages, and tweets, Spindrift is ready to deliver one of its most-requested flavors to them first on drinkspindrift.com in April. Disclaimer: this is extremely subjective, and even my opinions change monthly on my favorites. And the best part? In fact, this is the sweetest flavor that Spindrift has to offer. Flat waters now come in a whole host of interesting flavors like blood orange, ... That’s why I gave Spindrift a perfect mark for nutrition. Please select the topics you're interested in: Would you like to turn on POPSUGAR desktop notifications to get breaking news ASAP? https://www.popsugar.com/food/best-spindrift-flavors-ranked-47733373 Spindrift is the first and only sparkling beverage made with only real, squeezed fruit, and we think it's the freshest and juiciest-tasting sparkling water on this list. The only concern with the drink is that those who are intolerant to citric acid might overlook the mention of citric acid in the ingredients and go with this drink assuming that it only contains cucumber and sparkling water. Spindrift’s sparkling water is fruit-flavored and according to their website, it is the first brand to use real fruit juice (most use artificial flavors though they might use the word ‘natural’). But sometimes, just to add in an extra kick, carbon dioxide is added. She writes on diverse subjects including art and culture, travel and lifestyle. I'm so in love with Spindrift that I've converted not only my family but the rest of my POPSUGAR team as well. With Raspberry Lime, Grapefruit, Orange Mango, and Lemon, you’ll get a full range of flavor from light and crisp to tart and tangy. It's the only sparkling water I've ever tried that actually uses real fruit to sweeten and flavor, which is something I really appreciate, and I'm not the only one; Kristen Bell loves it, too. This Spindrift Sparkling Water, Lemon ($15 for 24) might be the most classic Spindrift flavour, but it does not disappoint. The beverage has a peach-colored tint to it, which comes with the addition of hibiscus. https://www.popsugar.com.au/food/best-spindrift-flavors-ranked-47734282 That too, with fizz. But don’t expect an overly fruity and sugary flavor. Spindrift first made a soda out of this powerful combination of two very tasty tropical fruits: orange and mango. We have elaborated on the taste, texture, and look of the seven most popular flavors of Sprindrift’s Sparkling Water so that you can make your decision with clarity. This beverage, with the sweetness and tartness of pineapple, brings in serious tropical vibes. Naveena is a freelance writer based in Delaware, US. So, I decided to distinguish myself as a Spindrift expert, and take it upon myself to rank all ten flavors. Now that you want to try Spindrift, you might be wondering where to start. Spindrift Drifter Pack Photo courtesy of Spindrift. It is also perfect to beat the winter blues. Cucumber, Spindrift. It is lemon water with fizz. I sampled every flavor Spindrift has to offer and ranked them top to bottom. If you are a fan of this tangy citrous fruit, then you will love this flavor of sparkling water. Planning a cocktail for Sunday brunch? So the only way to know if you want this stocked up in your fridge is to actually take a sip of it, and decide for yourself. , I Drink a Spindrift Every Day, and Here's How I'd Rank the Flavors, It Wasn't All Bad — Our Editors Share Their 2020 Silver Linings. The sweetness of raspberries combined with the tartness of lime gives it a bold taste, unlike any of the other Spindrift drinks. Then there is the more subtle and refreshing cucumber flavor. Spindrift, if you don't know already, is a line of sparkling water flavored with fruit juice, and their packaging is sexy AF. I'm so in love with Spindrift that I've converted not only my family, but the rest of my POPSUGAR team. The orange and lemon, in fact, highlight the grapefruit flavor. This light and refreshing drink taste as good as it looks. At Spindrift, we make sparkling water with real, squeezed fruit. This is why the drink has a considerable amount of sweetness even without any added sugars. There are tons of fruity flavors to fall for — from Strawberry to Blackberry — but we think this … Spindrift was ranked #385 on Inc. Magazine's 2017 … There are totally 11 flavors: pineapple, lime, cranberry raspberry, half tea half lemon, strawberry, grapefruit, blackberry, cucumber, lemon, orange mango, and raspberry lime. ... Hint—with a score of 6.4—ranked seventh. Nevertheless, it makes for a refreshing mix of cocktails. Instead, they add actual fruit juice to sparkling water. This is a great option for those who want to give the citrus flavors a break. The acidic taste is not overpowering, and it tastes far from the artificial lemon essence that’s used by other brands. It's the only sparkling water I've ever tried that actually uses real fruit to sweeten and flavor, which is something I really appreciate, and I'm not the only one; Kristen Bell loves it, too. Though a trained engineer, she decided to follow her passion for storytelling by choosing to be a journalist. Especially after a long day out in the heat, or a strenuous work-out session. Lemon. So the fruit part is to give the otherwise plain water a twist. 10. Every can is under 10 calories, with the cucumber flavor packing the least — just 2 calories! We sipped all 42 flavors and, after a few pee breaks, we ranked ‘em. This post may contain affiliate links. Spindrift water contains delicious real fruit juice, only 10 calories and 1g of sugar per serving — yup, that's it. The Alphonso mangoes that are used in the Orange Mango flavor are brought from India, and all the citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits are from California and Arizona. It leaves a biting aftertaste, which some find appealing, and some find very confusing. The ingredients are so few and so simple, that there is no room for any mystery. Whatever be your taste, there is a flavor (or combination of flavors) that’s waiting to become your favorite drink. For example, the berries used in the raspberry lime flavor or the blackberry flavor of Spindrift Sparkling Water is from the Pacific Northwest. Since there’s 4 different flavors, you’ll have one for every occasion and person who comes your way. This significant taste that comes through in every sip makes it a good alternative to sugary sodas that you have been meaning to avoid for a long. 5 Best Garlic Press Reviews – What Features to Look for? Now that they have 10 flavors though, we decided to pit them head-to-head to see which cans reigned supreme. This is the sweetest drink in Sprindrift’s Sparkling Water repertoire and has the boldest flavor. It’s a perfect drink for the summertime. Pour it into a glass, and you will see a light yellow drink. POPSUGAR has affiliate and advertising partnerships so we get revenue from sharing this content and from your purchase. While 17 calories a can still amount to nothing when compared with a can of fruit juice or Coke, it still is not the zero calories that you associate with a can of water. Depending on what you're craving, there is a flavor for everyone. We recommend keeping a few cans in your backpack. Spindrift's marketing emphasizes that there is 5-8% real fruit juice in every can of its sparkling water, as opposed to the "natural flavors" used by competitors. I drink one every single day, and it's become something that I look forward to in the midst of busy workdays. You would be disappointed if you are expecting the bold flavor that you found in their soda version. We know that cucumbers taste good in salads and Japanese Nori rolls, but what comes as a surprise is how well cucumber juice and sparkling water go together. This, with just nine calories per can, and no artificial ingredients, is definitely the healthier option. Having said that, those who are opting for this for a heady pineapple flavor will be disappointed. It’s cool, refreshing, and tastes just like a freshly cut cucumber slice. Get the latest taste of updates, sparkling water recipes, mocktails, contests, giveaways and product releases from Spindrift. Spindrift, the first sparkling water made with real squeezed fruit, has announced the launch of its 10th flavor, Lime, and is issuing a call for a lime emoji. Spindrift’s lemon-flavored sparkling water gives just that. This is a great product if you are watching your diet, or just want a staple refreshing drink in your fridge to quench your post-workout thirst. It's made with real fruit juice and carbonated water-that's it. We know, it’s hard to imagine cucumber in a drink. Remember, it is mostly water, with less than 10 percent fruit juice. Spindrift is available at various grocery retailers and café-style restaurants nationwide, including Trader Joe's, Whole Foods Market, Starbucks, Panera, Kroger, Target, and online at Amazon.com and www.shop.spindriftfresh.com. "Hey, I buy Spendrift when I'm on the Vineyard," said Ed as he walked up to us, trying all six flavors. Each flavor is associated with a color and has the image of the fruit it contains. What you associate with pineapple is the sound of waves, a light breeze, and sand between your toes. The cans look colorful, and when arranged next to each other, you get all the colors of the rainbow and more. This gives it a slight fizz, that isn’t present in normal bottled drinking water. Spindrift Sparkling Water Variety Pack The Spindrift Variety Pack captures the full range of our flavors. To say I'm obsessed with Spindrift would be an understatement. As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you'll like too. The can, with its light purple paint, is a beauty and so is the color of the fruit-infused sparkling water. Spindrift has a range of citrusy flavors, with lemon, lime, grapefruit, pineapple, and orange as the ingredients.

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